4270 Tamiami Trail E Suite 5, Naples, FL 34112 (239)-777-8732

No Class Times…Personalized Training and attention Anytime you show up


- Hands down my favorite boxing gym! Great environment, awesome coach, diligent training and overall great group of people to support you! Initially started out only bringing my younger brother for the youth program and it’s led to myself attending classes as well as inviting my friends!

You can get everything you need to train here, which really facilitates the process
Ingrid Balderas
- Great workouts, great coach/ owner billy. Really pushes to get your best workout on. Good pricing and can join a workout anytime almost any time of the day
Jessica Ramirez
- Great location with good instructors. The routines are consistent enough to learn and change frequently enough to keep you from hitting a plateau. It is a good cardio mix that will allow you to lean and tone.
Justin Jaffry
- This place feels like coming home. Billy is knowledgeable and patient with a northern soccer mom who hasn’t had gloves on in a long time. The gym is clean and new, not like the sweaty gyms your mind conjures at the thought of working out in a “boxing gym”. I’d encourage anyone looking for a good sweat to try this place. Rivaling Orange Theory or a spin workout in calories burned and total body expenditure... you’ll need to be rung out after 15 stations, and won’t want to wait to come back for more.
Athena Beebe
- Let me start by saying I am not a big fan of working out. I workout every day but just because I know I need it and it’s good for me but not because I enjoy it. A couple of months ago I went to the Sweet Science of Boxing. A client of ours recommended it and we all went to try it. I have to say that I love it! I had never worn a pair of gloves in my life. So, I started from below zero. Billy is sooo patient. If it had been me, I had given up on me long time ago. I can’t say I am good at it now or that I will ever be good at boxing but I have improved a lot from the very first day. It is a really good workout, great environment, very clean and above all nobody looks at you or judges you, well… except for Billy. When you are really tired and you think he is not looking and you want to take a break you can hear this voice from beyond calling your name and telling you “KEEP GOING!!!” lol. You hate it but then you love it. If you want to get a great workout and have fun or if you want to have fun working out come join us… Or join them. Throughout the years, I have tried different gyms and tried different approaches to fitness but this is the best by far. I absolutely recommend it.
Loa Dacosta
Billy and staff are there with you every step of the way, whether you have boxed before or have never stepped on a gym in your life. Every workout is tailored to help you balance fitness and the art of boxing. If you’re looking to lose weight, or tone up or even release some stress, I would definitely drop in for a class and you will love it. Too many gyms out there claiming to teach you but it’s just cardio. At “The sweet science of Boxing” it feels like a family.
Only way To be the best is to train with the best.
Maddiel Martinez
- This is the best boxing/fitness gym in Florida and beyond! I’ve been boxing/martial arts for years and started coming here a year ago when in Florida. Billy Lyell and his team are awesome! This is truly fitness with a purpose! I’ve never left without being drenched with sweat, knowing I had a great workout! Keep it up Sweet Science!
Michael Farrar
- This is the best gym in Naples, Billy the coach is a very experienced fighter and teacher. His workouts are challenging and different everyday. This gym always has a great atmosphere and a energetic feel too. I could definitely say this is one of the best gyms I’ve been too.
Eric Balderas
- Billy has the patience to make everyone train and feel like a Champ then send them staggering home after a great workout!
Patrick Foley
- This Gym is owned and operated by true Boxing and Conditioning Experts. They can train at every level. They provide the best Boxing workout in SW Florida.
Jib Reagan